The PARTAKE project aims to instigate long-term research collaboration between leading European and Chinese organizations in the area of Converging systems. The key result of such participation would be the engagement of leading Chinese organizations in standardization and regulation initiatives that are of strategic importance to the private sector in Europe.

The PARTAKE project plans to achieve its aim by delivering in Beijing a day of demonstrations of state of the art European Converging Systems technology and a two day workshop targeting high quality participants that will be followed by training activities in Europe for carefully selected staff of the BUPT. The demonstrations day will show results of IST FP5 and FP6 projects on Converging Systems and the presentations supporting the demonstrations will emphasize the role of standardization and regulation in enabling a market for Converging Systems. The workshop will begin by presenting the European vision of Converging systems research: Delivering attractive new services exploiting the cooperation of broadcast and telecommunications networks that would be impossible to provide using either network alone. The results of FP5 projects in Converging systems and a report on the progress of the FP6 Integrated Project INSTINCT in Converging systems will then be presented focusing on their significance for China. Following on from this, leading Chinese organizations will give presentations on the work their organizations would like to undertake in Converging systems. Once the context has been established in this way presentations will be made on the management of European Commission funded projects in Converging systems. The workshop will conclude with a networking session open to all workshop participants. All slides presented at the workshop will be presented simultaneously on two projectors; one projector will show the slides in Chinese the other one the slides in English. The workshop is carefully timed to take place in early June 2005 so that the project demonstrations day and workshop can be promoted far enough in advance to enable all interested parties to plan their involvement.



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